Born In A Barn

Work-in-progress, minidv, 2003

An intimate and occasionally humorous look into the extraordinary erotic lives of four seemingly ordinary people, BORN IN A BARN is a feature-length documentary that takes us deep into the world of ponyplay, a fast-growing fetish in which enthusiasts role-play as human ponies and handlers. Revealing the complex motives that drive each character to pursue this unusual passion and following them as they each confront the unique questions that being an erotic equine presents, BORN IN A BARN is a film about finding an identity in the pursuit of an unconventional desire.

The film centers around four characters living in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area: Michelle (aka ponyGRL Mischief), a 39 year-old with the adventurous soul of a teenager; Bill (aka trigger T.H.E. horse), a real-estate agent in his late 40's; and Goody (RedHot Pony) and his girlfriend/ trainer Andrea (aka DommeLuv), a couple who count role-play of all kinds among their favorite pastimes. Harnessing themselves into various configurations of equine-themed bondage gear and trading their capacity for speech for non-verbal, more body-based communications of an animal, each character's story illuminates a different aspect of the many interpretations of what it is to be a human pony and reveals how being part of this close-knit community of ponyplay enthusiasts affects their sense of themselves in the world.

BORN IN A BARN was screened at the Independent Feature Project as a Documentary work-in-progress, October 2002. Click on the IFP link to see the trailer.

Producer/ Director/ Camera: Elizabeth Elson
Editor: Samara Smith

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