In addition to producing our own films, THREE GRACES FILMS offers a wide range of high-quality production and consultancy services designed to help other filmmakers turn their ideas into a polished film or video.

We are available to consult on any phase of your project, and can help you take your documentaries, educational videos, and industrials from development through post-production. We enjoy working with both new and seasoned producers and always bring a creative and collaborative approach to our work.

Services that we offer include:

Story Consulting
Production Management/ Budgets and Scheduling
Field and Segment Producing
3-chip digital video photography and expert audio recording
Editing with Final Cut Pro 4 and Adobe AfterEffects 6.0 and Photoshop CS
Post-Production Supervision
Voiceover and Narration
Photographic retouching for still images and video grabs
Design services for promotional materials

References and reel upon request.